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Beth Valiulis MD DABPN

Beth Valiulis MD DABPN

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist

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In addition to his work as a primary care physician, Dr. McGann is an experienced educator and lecturer. Along with his wife, Beth Valiulis MD, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Sleep Medicine specialist in private practice in Shreveport, they offer several seminars and work shops. The dates, times, and fees for the seminars are variable. They are usually small group in format and can be personalized so your questions and concerns can be addressed. If you have a small group of people interested in our seminars we will arrange one especially for you. For more information about our seminars call Dr. Valiulis at 318-797-3350.

The current list of seminars is as follows:

1-2-3 Magic, Effective Discipline for children 2-12 years old - This program is based on the work of Thomas Phalen PhD, and his best selling book.

Peak Parenting - This comprehensive seminar teaches you the skills needed to bring out the very best in children.

The Stellar Student Seminar- Learn how the brain works best for learning, speed reading, memory techniques, Mind Maps & Memory Maps, and the Stellar Student Study System. Take yourself to the top 2% of learners with this seminar.

The Stellar Student Seminar Workshop- This new program helps you solidify the techniques of Study Hall in a personalized, entertaining and fun way.