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Kevin McGann MD.  A Direct Primary Care Practice.

Direct Primary Care is a healthcare delivery model designed by Physicians. A simple concept. A direct relationship between the Doctor and the patient.  That's it. No middle man. No interference in patient care. It's memberhip-based medicine.  For a low monthly membership you have access to and care from your personal Physician.  Access can be by phone, text, email, video chat, office visit, or home visits (sometimes).  Care is easy, accessable, time efficient, and never rushed.  No co-pay.  No deductible.  No hidden charges.  No surprise bills. You have access to discounts on laboratory work, imaging studies, Primary Care procedures (like skin surgery) and medications. DPC is not health insurance. In a DPC practice your health insurance is not used to pay your Doctor for Primary Care. Often times we find Physician negotiated cash prices are more cost effective for you than using your health insurance for Primary Care purposes.  You don't need to use insurance for inexpensive things.  Primary Care is not expensive.  Direct Primary Care is proof.  Visit with us to learn more!