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Family First Direct Primary Care with Dr. McGann

What to expect with Dr. McGann's DPC office:

Open Access scheduling:  In Direct Primary Care you have easy access to your Doctor.  Same day appointments and next day appointments are available.

Technology Access:  In Direct Primary Care you have more access directly to your doctor.  You can speak directly with the doctor on the phone.  You can text message with your doctor.  You can communicate via Email with your doctor. You can even video conference with your very own personal Physician!  Easy access all of the time.

Low waiting times:  In Direct Primary Care you are seen on time, most every time, so you know we respect your time.  No more 2 hour waits to see the Doctor!

Longer face to face time:  In Direct Primary Care you have the time you need with your doctor so your needs are met.  Most office visits involve sitting face to face with your doctor for 30 or 45 minutes if that's what you need.  Time to talk, time to explain, time to ask questions, time to get advise, time to understand.  Time to practice good medicine!

Health Maintenance:  Routine checkups (annual physicals), disease screenings, physicals for work, sports, school, camp, or college.  Mens health, womens health, and time to talk to your doctor about your health.  (please note Dr. McGann does not do DOT physicals) 

Medical Management of chronic conditions: Family Medicine Physicians are well educated to help manage the vast majority of chronic medical conditions.

Medical Home:  Your Family Phyician is often the place to start for all your medical care.  Need a PET scan or a EEG?  Need a blood test that you read about on google?  We help with that.  Your Family doctor also coordinates your care with Specialty doctors.  Need to see a surgeon, a cardiologist, or an oncologist.  We help with that.

Procedures: Dr. McGann performs most primary care procedures.  Skin surgery (moles, warts, skin tags, cysts, lipomas, abcesses).  Stiches, casts, splints, joint injections, triegger point injections, and more.

Home Sleep Study Testing: Known as the Polysomnogram. The test needed to evaluate for sleep apnea and various other sleep problems is available through Sleep Specialist Dr. Valiulis.

Education: Your Family Physician is always a reliable place to go with health care questions or concerns. If we don't know the answer we do know the best place to find it!