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Family First Direct Primary Care with Dr. McGann

What to expect at Dr. McGann's office:

Primary Care:  Throughout the lifespan about 80 - 85% of your healthcare needs can be considered Primary Care.  Sometimes we need things beyond Primary Care; like a surgeon, a heart specialist or a cancer doctor.  But your Primary Care Doctor is always a good place to start for all of your healthcare needs.

Direct Primary Care has Access and Care:  In Direct Primary Care you have easy access to your Doctor. You can reach your personal Physician by phone, text message, Email, video chat (telemedicine) and office visits.  Routine visits are usually available within 1-3 days.  Same day appointments are often available.  If you really need your Doctor today, we really try and see you today.

Low waiting times:  In Direct Primary Care you are seen on time, almost every time, so you know we respect your time.  There are no long waits in a crowded room in DPC.

Longer face to face time:  In Direct Primary Care you have the time you need with your doctor so your needs are met.  Most office visits involve sitting face to face with your doctor for 30 or 45 minutes if that's what you need.  Time to talk, time to explain, time to ask questions, time to get advice, time to understand.  Time to practice good medicine!

Cost savings on Doctor visits:  There are no co-pays or extra charges for office visits in DPC.  See the Doctor as often as you need and it doesn't change the price.  No more fear of Doctor visit = big Doctor bill! 

Cost savings on Procedures:   Usually there are no extra charges for office based Primary Care procedures.  The Doctor's skill set comes with your membership.  What the Doctor is able to do for you in the office is included with your membership.  (Sometimes there may be a fee if special equipment, supplies, or medicines are needed for certain procedures.  That's not very often.  You would know this ahead of time and it's usually not expensive at all.) Dr. McGann performs most primary care procedures. Skin surgery (moles, warts, skin tags, cysts, lipomas, abcesses). Stiches, casts, splints, joint injections, trigger point injections, and more.

Cost savings on laboratory tests: Established patients in DPC practices have access to Physician negotiated cash prices for blood work and other lab tests.  We have price transparency.  You know what it will cost before it's done.  It's not expensive.  Most Primary Care lab work costs less than $12, a few things cost more.

Cost savings on Imaging tests:  Similar to laboratory testing, you Physician negotiates for you to try and get the best cash prices for imaging.  Again, we have price transparency.  You will know before hand what it will cost to have and X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI.  Most imaging for Primary Care purposes is not expensive.

Cost savings on Medications:  Many Direct Primary Care practices like Dr. McGann's have their own dispensary.  Your Doctor is able to order medicines from wholesalers and help you to get the best prices possible on medications.  If it's possible to get your medications for you cheaper than with using health insurance or cheaper than cash or discount prices at the pharmacy we will do it for you.

What Dr. McGann does not do:  this is important too! 

(1) The Doctor does not do in-patient care. Meaning - he does not go to the hospital and take care of people when they are in the hospital. He is office based only.  (2) He does not go to nursing homes or step down units. (3) He does not do Obstetrics or delivery babies.  (3) He does not do pain management with controlled substances. There should be no expectation of controlled substances in the Primary Care setting. (4) He will not violate the code of ethics or moral teachings for Catholic Physicians. (5) He no longer performs CDL / DOT license exams.